The NCAA has retained the law firm of Kaplan Hecker & Fink LLP (“Kaplan Hecker”) to conduct a comprehensive and thorough external review of gender equity issues in connection with the NCAA, focusing on NCAA championships. While the immediate focus of this review is on women’s and men’s basketball, the full review will include an examination across other sports and championships more broadly, examining challenges that may be unique to those programs. You can find a description of our review here.

As part of our external review, it is important for Kaplan Hecker to hear directly from stakeholders about their gender equity concerns with respect to the NCAA, including NCAA championships. The firm will be reaching out to key organizations and individuals to hear from them directly about these issues.

In addition, Kaplan Hecker strongly encourages anyone with relevant information to contact us by using the below form. If you elect to provide your contact information, we may follow up to arrange a time to speak directly. We will carefully consider all information provided, and then address those issues and concerns as part of our review, analysis, and recommendations. If individuals wish to come forward anonymously, Kaplan Hecker will protect your identity and will work to address any confidentiality concerns you may have.

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